How to Install X-Box Controller Driver on PC {with error rectifications}

Xbox  is the new leap for the gamers to the gaming world. The experience playing with the remote driver controller is one of the best handy and good playing experience device. Xbox controller can be easily installed onto the pc very easily.

Xbox Controller for PC is a good flexible way to play and enjoy the xbox gaming experience on pc easily. Using the Xbox controller you can easily play games on pc using xbox controller in place of keyboard and mouse. However, a problems arises with many users is that it creates some king of errors in xbox controllers. Dont worry here you get the complete  guide to use xbox controller on pc.

Now you can easily use the Xbox controller on your pc. You jus have to install xbox controller driver, a free usb port and windows 10/ windows 7/ Windows 8. So dont wait up and simply install the xbox controller on your pc now and start enjoying the games on pc in xbox style.

Problems Occur in Xbox Controller Driver for pc

Its not as easy task as it seems in using the xbox controller for pc at the first time. It creates some problems in its first configural running. You may have these following problems that arises in using xbox controller for pc :

  • Xbox Controller not connecting to pc
  • Download Xbox controller driver for PC.
  • How to install Xbox Driver on Windows 7/8/10.

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Well we have the solution for the all the above stated problems in order to make the rectificaton. We have the proper solution for the above problems on this page here.

Ways to Setup XBox One Wired controller

In order to setup the xbox controller or to install and use the xbox controller driver on your windows pc, follow these steps whichever suits you best:


There are two very simple ways to  install xbox control driver onto your pc.

USING XBOX ACCESSORIES APP for installing driver

You can make your driver for xbox controller easily working with your pc using tthe xbox app, and use xbox controller working with windows. Follow tese simple seps.

Step 1 : Download the latest version of Xbox Accessories application, here.

Step 2 : Download and install the application to your windows 8/10 and turn on the automatic driver updates.

This will make your driver to install automatically with your updates and then simply connect xbox controller to your pc and enjoy.

By Using Windows Update center for Xbox.

The another way of using the xbox controller on the pc is by using the windows update center. in this case you have no need to download the xbox accessories app. Use these steps listed below :

xbox controller driver for pc

Step 1 :  Connect Xbox Controller to your pc.

Step 2 : Let the windows complete its automatic hardware detection.

Step 3 : Windows will automatically search for the drivers online through windows update center.

Step 4 : further when the Xbox Controller Driver is detected by the windows online, it will prompt you t download and install the driver.

Step 5 :  After the complete of the installation , restart your pc and connect it to xbox controller, And that’s it, your xbox controller will be active now.


Use these steps below listed in order to make your xbox controller working with windows 7 :

Installation of Xbox Controller driver from DVD.

You can also install the driver for xbox controller from DVD that is included in your package.

Step 1 : Insert the installation dvd.

Step 2 : Go to my computer and auto run the disc.

Step 3 : If you cannot start the auto run then simply Click on the disk drive and open it. Locate Setup.exe file and run your setup

Step 4 : Your installation will appear and simply follow the instructions and go for the installation.

Step 5 :  After the complete of installation simply restart your computer and again connect your remote controller with your pc.

No DVD , Download Xbox Setup.exe online.

Step 1: Visit online Xbox gaming Center.

Step 2: Go to Software and Drivers Section.

Step 3: Select your preferred windows version from the dropdown box.

Step 4: Download the driver file from there.

Step 5: Open the downloaded file from your download folder and open the file with .exe extension. And simply follow the onscreen instructions.

Your Antivirus may block the download, in that case make sure to turn off the security for a moment.

These are the ways that will make your Xbox controller diver installed into your pc and you can simply now connect and run the Xbox driver controller into your pc.

xbox controller driver for windows

Xbox gaming controller is the nice tool for the pc gaming experience. These are the best ways to use your Xbox Controller in your pc by installing the drivers. Xbox controller enhances your PC gaming experience. Using the Xbox controller is the good tool to make your gaming experience on the pc much like the gaming experience. Xbox controller proves out o be the best of the gaming experience device to be used to get complete gaming experience using your pc. So Start enjoying Xbox Controller on pc.

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